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Why choose COMSATS Institute of Information Technology?

Written by Taimoor Goraya

Although there are many bright examples I have seen in my life but I always want to share my personal experience.  Believe me, I always wonder how I reached at this level of education besides the fact I am not some kind of shining student . Honestly, I wasn’t interested in further studies but my elder sister who is a former student of COMSATS forced me to get admission there. Relax, let me tell you some great words that my teacher used to tell us when I was studying in a boarding school in Multan. My teacher always said that an institution, a teacher and a great wife are blessings of our Lord which play important role in building of common man’s future. Eventually, I have already bestowed with two of those blessings and waiting patiently for last one.

I can see smile on your face I know it is funny but come back to the point. On the first day of university I was acting like I came from other planet and wandered here and there without any clear purpose. This is another fun story that most of my class fellow thought that they will no longer see me in next semester but one of my great teacher Ma’am Zertisha told me that “I can do anything and learn whichever things I want to”. She used to teach me things by negative reinforcement. The whole university is built on moto and structural patterns those can be followed by organization in order to pursue student’s capabilities to attain better results and moral values to bring positive

attitude in them so they could be able to earn a good name or enlighten their names and their parent’s name. Since, I am a funny person here is another funny thing, you know laughter can increase your life and keep you healthy. Listen it is actually quite funny, a boy entered the house eventually he rushed into the room, his mother also entered the room after him wondering why he was running in such a way. When she entered she saw that boy was writing his father name on a lightning tube and she asked him what are you doing? And boy replied that he wants to lighten his father’s name.  Fortunately, there are many other ways to earn a good name and a respectable job.

A man without any purpose is just like a dead fish which goes with the flow. My purpose was to learn something and I learned it in my lab by working wholeheartedly. It feels really good when you set a microscope perfectly and your teacher appreciates you even it feels better when a girl with higher GPA comes around and ask you for help to set microscope. Trust me I worked in Nano lab to make Nanoparticles it was one of the great experience that I had in my life. Yes, they give such expressions that you actually worked in Nano-lab for real. At that moment I decided to study drug designing and drug delivery systems through nanoparticles in my master’s degree. See it actually influenced my life and I am cent percent positive that I will affect your life too. Oh, I remember it now last time I was in PUNJAB University specifically in molecular department. A separate building is made for scientific studies I hope they should have spent money on buying materials for scientific research and I felt that at least I am at a better place where I had the opportunity to do scientific work in my lab and learn those things which were related to bio-safety and bio-security because safety comes first. Remember it always theory is just a written knowledge on a piece of paper but practical work is necessary to ensure bookish knowledge.



About the author

Taimoor Goraya

Taimoor is doing BS Biosciences degree from COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology with major subjects such as cell biology, biotechnology and virology. He wrote a review article before on his teacher’s demand on antifreeze proteins in bacteria. He has interest in stem cells, drug development and regenerative medicine.