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What makes you bald?

Written by Mahad Qureshi


  • Smoking is injurious to health
  • No animals were harmed in making of this story except a  chicken which I ate while writing this xD


There was once a well known guy named Testosterone. We  all know about his power, abilities, skills and strength but most of us don’t know about his evil uncle named  “5 alpha-reductase”. 5 Alpha -reductase is a evil scientist who had been working his whole life to destroy the follicles of scalp and to promote growth of  body and facial hair follicles, the when 5 alpha-reductase came to know about the abilities of  testosterone he decides to use him  for his plans so he abducts him.

5 alpha-reductase starts his experiments on testosterone and finally changes him into a lethal, more potent more powerful  and merciless hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) . Then 5 alpha-reductase takes DHT to the scalp where some of the poor  follicles were resting in Telogen phase (resting phase) after their retirement. Some of them were still kids , growing, playing  and enjoying their childhood in Anagen phase(growth phase). Them there were some other follicles, who were like us, going  through their High school and University years, some of them were undergraduates and some of them were grads in Catagen Phase.

When the 5 alpha-reductase and his DHT which is now brutal and  merciless, reached the scalp and got attached to the follicles,  the poor follicles began to shrink hence making it difficult for them to produce normal hair. The hair became thin and  thinner, eventually becoming so thin that it becomes nearly difficult to see the hair with naked eye, the part of scalp appears  as bald.

The DHT attacks on the temples and vertex area of scalp, the sides and back of scalp are resistant to DHT(no one knows  how) so a rim of hair forms on sides and back.

This is primarily what happens in ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA (PATTERN BALDNESS) . This is possible because of a gene  present on X chromosome from your maternal side. This gene forms a receptor on follicles for attachment of DHT.

Don’t worry you are not alone nearly 70% men are affected by Androgenic alopecia And 40% women.

Androgenic Alopecia  can start as early as with the start of puberty and as late as in your 40’s



  • Hard Water is responsible for baldness, hard water damages hair but it won’t make you go bald.
  • Applying ” Mustard (Brassica) oil or any other oil” will prevent you from going bald
  • “30 days main qudrati ball Ugain”
  • Shampoos and Cosmetic products can regrow hair
  • A relative of yours must have mentioned about a HAKEEM who sells a oil or a herb for 300rs which grows hair
  • An uncommon one “early onset of baldness indicates wealth” xD
  • Any product on TV which claims to regrow hair in 1.2 months etc.


At this point most you guys are probably thinking I have a weird imagination XD

So what can you do to cure baldness? Well there are some medications FDA approved available in market and some home  remedies to I am going to discuss them now


HOME REMEDIES:- Applying oil does improves the blood flow in scalp, nourishes and moisturizes the hair but it wont cure baldness. Home remedies are only suitable for mild cases of baldness.

1: Applying what commonly known as “karwa oil” It’s called “Taramira Oil” in English and it is extracted from plant named “Eruca Sativa “. It stings on scalps when applied hence improves the blood flow.

2: Garlic cloves or onion can be peeled off and rubbed on the scalp, it also stings and improves the blood flow or you can extract their juice to apply scalp.

3: Get some green tea, boil it in water without adding sugar etc., then apply the solution to scalp. Green tea reduces the amount of DHT in scalp the people who have itching problem on their scalp due to androgenic alopecia that will also be long gone and also drink 2 cups a day.

4: Powdered black pepper can be mixed in water to form a paste, applying this will sting more , but then again for people, to whom hair are important, they will do it anyway.

So now I’ll tell you guys about the medicines which are FDA approved for ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA There are only two of them



1: MINOXIDIL: It is available in topical (solution) form, it is applied on scalp, recommended dose is two times a day. It is a Potassium channel opener it drastically improves the blood flow in scalp/follicles etc. Hence the blood flow increases and the hair starts to become thicker because with increased blood flow nutrients reach to follicle more abundantly. The hair grown by Minoxidil will shed again within 2, 3 weeks if you discontinue using it, so it has to be used regularly in order to have a head full of hair. Minoxidil takes time to work in 3 to 4 months and in first 2 to 3 weeks of using Minoxidil you’ll notice more hair loss. Don’t panic they are the old retired hair strands and will be replaced by newer ones.


2: FINESTRIDE: It is used in tablet (oral) form. 1mg once daily. It works by inhibiting the action of 5-alpha reductase (when the 5-alpha abducts testosterone), so a less amount of DHT is formed. Finestride takes at least a year to show it’s magic and you also have to take it for life time if you want your hair to remain on your hair. The hair grown by Finestride doesn’t fall that early if we stop the medication they stays for at least for 6 month. The side effects are a little drastic too, it can cause erectile dysfunction, low libido and a low sperm count (but this isn’t always necessary).

With both of the medications you can take some supplements to improve the growth of hair








Eat lots of protein rich foods mainly fish and beef avoid chicken, eat fresh vegetables, exercise regularly etc.

And if still none of this works don’t worry your father got laid so will you xD




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