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Written by Sharjeel Farooqi

University of Gujrat is a large public sector university that offer various degree programs in different departments. The faculty of science is a research loving faculty that have biotechnology, biochemistry, botany, zoology, environmental sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics and geography as major departments. These departments offer BS, M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Besides these programs the departments also offer M.Sc in these subjects. There is an ORIC in university of Gujrat. ORIC stands for Office of research, innovations and commercialization. This is the main hub for approvals of all the national and international symposiums, seminars and workshops that are held in the university of Gujrat. UOG also have  a medical college in its premises. This Nawaz Sharif Medical College. The MBBS students study there and get admissions through entry test passing which held under the government of Punjab.

The next faculty is faculty of engineering and technology. This faculty have three departments viz: chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The students study for four years to get their B.Sc (Hons.) degree.

The other faculty is faculty of Arts. This faculty offers various four year programs. This also offers many associate degree programs offered by this faculty. Department of English comes under this broad category. Another is faculty of social sciences. The economy, sociology, Pakistan studies, International relationships, history and mass communication departments come under this heading. These departments also offer BS, M.phil and P.hd courses.

Now the next faculty is faculty of management sciences. The most common course offered by this faculty is BBA. This is four year course. The MBA and P.hd are also offered by this faculty. The students are equipped with the skills to deal with big companies in this faculty.

The faculty of computing and information technology is also a department in university of Gujrat. This offers computer science, information technology and software engineering. There is high merit in all these departments.

The university is grooming the students in such a way that they can be useful for the society. The university organizes many competitions for the cocurricular development of the students. There is an annual inter departmental declamation contest organized by one of the most active society of UOG, the debating society of UOG. Similarly the hayatian quiz society is number one society of UOG that organizes an annual quiz competition in UOG. These healthy activities are very god for the students.

The faculty of UOG is very active in the research. There are many projects completed under the national research programs in the UOG. The vice chancellor have given special checks to the faculty members having very high impact research. The students are given with the assignments to write on the most recent issues. UOG is enabling the students to have a research aptitude. The lecturers teach the students with full dedication. Every problem to the students related to their study is solved by the teachers.

There is a QEC in UOG. QEC stands for quality enhancement cell. There is a survey offered by QEC after every semester. The students evaluate the teachers. There is a SSC. SSC stands for students service center. This center gives guidance to the students about their problems. The issuance of many certificates is done by SSC after the student apply there.

There is a central library in UOG named as Quaid-e-Azam library. This library have a large collection of books. The students go there and study the books. There are separate faculty reading rooms in the library. There is also a big auditorium in the library called as Jinnah Auditorium.

A central mosque is located in the UOG. Hostel facility is given to the students that live far away from Gujrat. There are three big cafeterias in the UOG. UOG provides transport up to long distances.  Students spend a happy life in the UOG. I have participated in inter departmental competitions. There is an annual sports gala in which students enjoy. We are given with proper familiarity with the equipments and instruments in the biotechnology lab.

Biology Department

There is large scale research work going on in the biology labs by the Mphil and PhD students under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced professors. There are proper labs for the experiments in the biotechnology department as well as botany and zoology department. The M.Phil. students perform research in the labs under the supervision of supervisors.The research is going on on plant gene transformation through physical method i.e. injection to insert the DNA into plants. There is another research work on protease production using molecular biology techniques. There is a clinical field of cancer cells on which research is going on. On the industrial scale fermentation process is under a high focus.

In Zoology department main area of research is haematology, molecular biology and entamology. In Biotechnology department the research is occurring on the identification of biomarkers for prostate cancer diagnosis. Enzymes are produced by fermentation. Formation of nanoparticles, drug delivery, toxicological analysis, Ames test, Antimicrobial activity, Haemolytic analysis are also under the area of interest during research.

Structural characterization of different materials using scanning electron microscope (SEM). FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning colorimeter (TGA and DSC) are used for the research by the teachers although the instrument is not available. Use of natural polymers in pharmaceutical industry.


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