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Till My Genes Exist

Written by new sensation

By Ume Aiman

While walking on the street, many a times I thought I’d crossed a mirror. Sometimes showing my younger and sometimes my older version. It does not surprise me much now. Human Cloning is the thing of 2080. Got to get used to it. I remember how my great grandparents would say that all their Biology textbooks contained a section clearly stating that not only Cloning Humans was prohibited but a bizarre idea back then. Conversely our present textbooks frequently mock at the orthodoxy declaring,” Time to reap, multitudinous Dolly the sheep!”. My teachers say we’ve come so far ahead in advancement which is unparalleled in human history that this might be the best time for humans to live in. Yet I think I do not like the idea of someone or in this case swarms of people looking like me, staring at me, thinking they are better than me. Yes, I know that we have now come to know who assassinated Laiqat Ali Khan, Lady Diana, Benazir Bhutto and the list continues. Resurrecting dead and holding trails of the very talked about murdered cases is something astounding but do we need to add impotent people to the ever-increasing world population already?

I appreciate what science does is to profit human race but it should be humans ruling science not science ruling us. Initially it was all very exciting, so many people went to donate their stem cells hoping they would meet their doppelgangers in their lifetimes. It was such a big event but I remember it not, it was before my birth, yes. It was said that now is the time when humans will meet their ancestors, Past will meet future and what not. Maybe some people will still love to have tons of themselves till infinity but for me being original is the very thing that makes us more alive than ever. Admittingly I’m a product of Cloning and I know my further clones don’t have my very fingerprints or my memories, my intelligence, my experiences, yet they are so much alike me that it gives my much uneasiness to watch them. Not that some are exceling and a few are wasted in their lives but also that much of the clones since their vast yield are not as healthy as normal humans.

Many of them encounter severe infections, they do not recover and eventually die. Still then more are manufactured than they die. Yes, I used the word manufactured intentionally, that’s what I think of cloning. It’s like a factory that annually produces a stock of humans from all over the world, though defected items are found in excess yet the industry survives as people enjoy talking to themselves, their child selves or their “90-year-old “selves. People call me conservative for being diverging from the idea, they say I do not deserve to have been born in this exceptional era, I say I do enjoy scientific progress as long as it is defined in its boundary and not against my will. Recently people are also migrating to Moon and a few other habitable planets as Earth alone could not suffice the ever-increasing population and Global warming issues of course. I think it’s a good initiative as I have heard first-hand story of my aunt that how improved her life has got within 15 years of her being shifted to another planet and how clean the air was there. It’s also good to see so many people have deliberately changed the genes of their fetuses and selected their choice of genes for their children to inherit, though some children were born with abnormal attributes yet it’s success rate is quite high.

It is good to see people happy and full-bellied, artificial cropping and synthetic farming has a lot to offer in these times. There are all these advancements, still clones aren’t to live more than 25 years of their lives. Yes, I am concerned about this because I am one of them. I had been born as a product of cloning 19 years ago. I had not known this until 5, when I first saw another girl looking just like me, she might be 10 years of age. I got happy as much as I was intrigued to know who she was. It took me some years to know all this phenomenon. And now I know I have not much time left to live, I was born with a weak heart and somewhat malfunctioning liver. Eventually I developed Bone cancer and nothing could have stopped it from being malignant. My innately frail immune system consumed what left of me and now I helplessly narrate my story.

I think there’s no choice left for a duplicate, this even holds true for a normally born human nevertheless they live much more fuller lives than us xerographs. I hope scientists are able to solve the crisis within some years but up till that time many of science-generated products like me would have wasted their lives and died while world enjoys the pleasure of being called advanced and proceeding.



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