The Changing Biology: Climatic Stress and its Genetic Consequences


“And what God has sent down from the heavens of rain, giving life thereby to earth after its lifelessness and dispersing therein every manner of moving creatures and (His) directing of winds and clouds between heavens and earth are the signs for the people who use reason”

                                                                                          (Quran 2. 164)

Climate, Seasons, a gift of God yet can be “cataclysmic force” when not controlled. Evolutionists believe that changing seasons due to earth’s rotation is one of the major factors of emergence of life on earth. But Alas! Like all other gifts, mankind is determined to convert this gift into a curse too. Rapid industrialization and increased human activities have resulted in a climate drift that is tampering with the life force of organisms. One of these drastic changes is the change in the genetic makeup of organism that results in a different life expression than normal. Some of the surprising consequences of such changes are:

  • The Tawny owl is a snow white mystical owl found in the forests of Northern Europe. Its snow white appearance was a perfect camouflage against the white snow. But now a days, due to high temperatures after global warming and massive meltdowns, this owl is impossible to find now with the snow gone the dominant brown color has taken over the recessive white color due to epigenetic stress.
  • Wild Thyme plants are secreting more and more repellent oils to protect themselves from herbivores that are abundant in warmer season.
  • Bark beetles have increased their number rapidly in European forests as it is not getting cold enough to kill them in winter thereby disturbing the balance of the natural forest ecosystem.
  • Increasing carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere is causing the abnormal and rapid growth of trees and plants thereby disturbing the natural cycles.
  • The increasing temperatures is causing some fish, reptiles and amphibians to change their hibernation cycles. Moreover their adults are smaller in size than usual. It helps them to adapt themselves to changing environment. This change along with many others Is reported heritable in certain creatures.
  • The increased concentration of carbon dioxide in atmosphere is causing greenhouse effect which traps too much ultraviolet rays in the environment and this has increased the threat of Melanomas (skin cancers) and other types of diseases involving defected genetics.

As obvious, this drastic climate stress is acting as a Evolutionary Catalyst for a handful of species that can rapidly adapt themselves to changing conditions and the rest of us face a far worse fate. There is a War raging and not even Evolution is powerful enough to undo this disaster. Personally, I am not ready for this literally changing world. Are You???….








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Waleed Sohail Chohan

Waleed Sohail Chohan is currently finishing his BS from University of Gujrat. He is currently Biology Decoded's Director of Media Team and President of our Gujranwala Headquarters.