The Art of Branding

Do you get amazed when you see a picture or actually see BRANDED TOMATOES?

Yes! You are right, they are branded tomatoes.

Karachities have always been very creative and innovative. This is Anwar Shah, a hawker, selling tomatoes beyond one’s imagination, in a unique way that nobody have ever thought of.

‘Tomatoes Unlimited’, a new sole-proprietorship business, which has been initiated a couple of months ago, is doing a quiet decent job of selling tomatoes. Mr. Shah told that the owner has setup the business and moved to abroad. However, many hawkers like Mr. Shah are continuing this business very efficiently. How the tomatoes are being branded and sold at this level is absolutely impressive.

The specialty of the Tomatoes Unlimited is that they are providing Karachities with fresh tomatoes, cultivated in their own farms with clean water and extensive care, which we are not so sure of regarding mainstream selling of vegetables in our city. Furthermore, the price per kg of tomatoes is less than the prevailing market rates to attract the customers to experience this new facility of one of the most used vegetables domestically and also commercially.

Till date, there are about fifteen plus carts and bike stations of tomatoes that are providing to the customers the very fresh and healthy tomatoes at their doorstep. Recently, the service is limited in certain blocks of North Nazimabad, however the business is being expected to expand gradually to other areas of the city and eventually to whole Karachi city in near future.

A hawker of Tomatoes Unlimited posing with his tomato station

A hawker of Tomatoes Unlimited posing with his tomato station. Photographed by Aliza Jafri

This is a perfect example of entrepreneurship. Whether, it’s sole-proprietorship (a business owned by only a single person) or a partnership (a business owned by two or more persons, investing as a group and sharing the profits among themselves or a company (which is on a more larger scale). In a nut shell, people should be encouraged by other small scale businesses (like Tomatoes Unlimited) they must begin on individual basis and later on develop it on a large scale.

Every business is worth starting. There is no business in the world exists that begin with profits and popularity right through its inception. As the time passes, it would be renowned, as we see in the case of Tomatoes Unlimited, which will surely bring economic stability in Karachi, and eventually flourish Pakistan.



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