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Sea soldiers!!!

Written by Mari'ya Inayatt

Yesh!!! Yohooooo !!! We are safe … this skin saved us from our predator!!!! All of sudden a boat hit them and one of them is died… !!! this is how I lost my friends someone is hit by boat , someone is got in fish net and some lost their life due to pollution. Please save my family.

Mr Green Turtle
Green turtles (Chelonia Mydas) are type of marine turtles. One of the largest and ancient hard shell sea turtles (leatherback) with shell length 3-4 feet and weight 250 – 450 lbs and use sea grass and algae as diet. Unlike other turtles they cannot retract their head and hands in their shell. Male turtles remain in sea all over their life after hatching but female came to seashore for egg laying in Pakistan They come to sandspit coast line for egg laying during august to December. In Pakistan turtles lay eggs on Hawksbay, Cape Monz and Sandspit (Sindh) and Astola Island and Jiwani (Balochistan). For more information I consult a O level student Abdullah Kiyani who used to visit the sea shores time and again and he told me a very important aspect of Sea turtles that “They use their natural color (green) as their camouflage which is a technique use by soldiers or commandos to make them invisible in front of their enemies however the green color camouflage is of no use because of sea pollution and high rate of fishing (net fishing)”. Currently Sindh wildlife is working on this project from 1980 with 3 enclosures (2 on sandspit and one on Hawksbay).this work is start with collaboration of Sindh wildlife with WWF and IUCN. These soldiers are one of the endangered species of Pakistan. And in this disaster pollution and fishing nets play a pivotal role. Female turtle lay eggs on sea shore in a pit deep inside the sand where no garbage is present and if she faces any difficulty she took a long time to lay eggs. So please make your environment pollution free so that they lay as much eggs as they can. Because we are already killing them in different ways at least in this way we can increase their breeding ratio, avoid fish netting and funding the saving organizations too. This is the only way to save sea soldiers.
To save something one must know about them first. Know your Motherland save your motherland. !!! JazakALLAH





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