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Scope of Bioinformatics in Pakistan

Written by Saman Ansari

Don’t think Biology has scope in Pakistan? Many people do. This is why an event was held to answer most of your queries. On March 17, 2015 “Scope of Biosciences and Bioinformatics in Pakistan” was organized by COMSATS University’s IDEA student’s society. The event was organized in COMSATS University Islamabad Campus and numerous speakers graced the event.

The speakers included Dr. Nadeem Akhtar, Dr Faraz Arshid Malik , Dr. Sundus, Shahrukh Malik and  Dr. Abid.

Dr. Faraz, Doctorate in Cancer Biology, was the first to speak in the event. He spoke about Pakistan government’s “Pakistan’s Vision 2025” approved by  the National Economic Council and the Prime Minister of Pakistan back in May 2014. The fourth point or ‘pillar’ of the vision focuses on Energy, Water & Food Security. Dr. Faraz suggested that students of Biosciences should work on areas such as water treatment, better water sanitation, greater food productivity and alternate energy sources. He encouraged that students pave out their own pathway and not let issues like terrorism and politics demotivate them.

Shahrukh Malik, a student of Bioinformatics is also Microsoft Student Partner and also the developer of Reptralator an app for Biologists. Shahrukh highlighted various internship and job opportunities for students of Bioinformatics in Pakistan. These include National Institute of Health, Shaukat Khanum and LUMS. If one wants to go for higher studies in Bioinformatics they can also choose NUST. Other than that according to her Institute of Molecular Sciences and Bioinformatics in Lahore, Agha Khan University in Karachi, Bioinformatics Research Group in COMSATS University, NIBGE, Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology, Punjab University also give promising careers in this field.

Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechnology labs, International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences in University of Karachi and Peshawar University all can provide a Bioinformatics student in Pakistan valuable experience.

Dr. Qaiser Fatmi, Doctorate in Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry, also spoke on the event and highlighted various career possibilities of Bioinformatics in Pakistan.

Almost 200 + students participated and attended this very fundamental and essential seminar and many faculty members of COMSATS attended and enjoyed this event.

If you know any scope or have any confusion regarding this topic, feel free to comment below.

Dr. Faraz addressing the audience

Dr. Faraz addressing the audience

Students listening to the speaker at COMSATS Islamabad

Students listening to the speaker at COMSATS Islamabad



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