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Reptralator- a handy tool for Biologists!

Written by Saman Ansari
Reptralator developer Shahrukh Malik

Reptralator developer Shahrukh Malik

Good news for all Biologists! Now genomes can be sequenced even when your internet is down or you become a victim of load shedding. So what is this source of miracle you ask?

Just recently on January 5, 2015 Shahrukh Malik an undergrad student of Bioinformatics and a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) launched a windows store application like no other. It’s called Reptralator. I find the name very interesting as according to her it stands for Replication, Transcription, Back Transcription and Translation. Which are its main features. “It is basically Central Dogma of Molecular Biology,” she explains enthusiastically. “You can perform all its components computationally by using reptralator. All you need are correct sequences.” The app can run on windows 8.1 and is designed very professionally and works perfectly. No one can say it is developed by a student.

Its main features include;

  • Replicates a single strand DNA sequence
  • Transcribes DNA sequence into RNA Sequence
  • Back transcribes RNA sequence into DNA Sequence
  • Translates RNA Sequence into Protein Sequence

Below are some screen shots of the app. Download it today and review it too!


ss2And this isn’t it! She further plans to develop applications for carrying out pairwise alignment, multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree prediction. We wish her best of luck!

Download app from here.



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