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Palm Squirrel

Written by Saman Ansari

palm squirrel

Meet this adorable mammal who likes to eat baby birds! (not for breakfast I assume). Among most dominant mammals in the biologically diverse area of Head Khanki in Punjab Pakistan is this adorably furry animal palm squirrel  (funnambulus pennantii). According to Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) its adult weight is about 147 g. Body length ranges from 230 to 356 mm, including the tail. Interestingly, the tail alone makes up about half of the total body length.

Some key physical features include the stripes on the back. There are typically 3 lightly colored stripes on the back. The top coat color ranges from grayish brown to almost black, while the head is usually grayish to reddish brown.

They are abundant in the tree hollows of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal and India elevations of 0 to 4,000 meters.

Northern palm squirrels are herbivorous and omnivorous. They normally feed on a wide variety of foods including seeds, nuts, buds, young bark, leaves, insects, flowers, and grubs. They have also been known to eat baby birds(Yes that’s a little creepy I know). They feed both in trees and on the ground. They store food for later use.



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