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Nano-biotechnology: An Advancement in Cancer Treatment

Written by Maryam Jadoon

Long suffering, excruciating pain and misery not only creates darkness but it also brings sunshine in form of strength and hope.

Cancer, a box full of darkness but Nano biotechnology is now lighting up the darkness like moon and stars at night. When it comes to cancer Nano biotechnology confidently tells exact information about cancer diagnose.

When treating tumors, proteins are the most important area of attention, as protein carries information and bring about all the biological processes. Looking into cancer’s biology there are some set of proteins that control the biological processes and helps change the normal cells into cancerous cells. Cancer’s nature is different from patient to patient, so in order to address even one cancer diagnosis step, it needs several protein biomarkers. While treatment, it is important to find out the best proteins that allows patient to resist treatments, out of tens of thousands of proteins. It is very challenging to discover the best biomarkers. The existing techniques are time consuming, expensive and needs full time attention. A single diagnostic test only measures one protein, which requires large amount of patient’s blood.

The emerging Nano biotechnology techniques can expeditiously measure a multitude of patient’s protein biomarkers just from a drop of blood.

Nano technology molecular imaging probes are out voting the existing scanning technologies like CT scan and MRI. PET promptly scans cancer through all body tissues and characterize all the cancer lesions found whether its malignant, benign, swelling or dead tumor tissues while CT scan Or MRI cannot.

Tumors change biologically as they metastasize, while treatment every cancer lesion initial or periodically metastasized has to be cured differently, with help of whole body PET imaging every lesion can be examined individually. Accurate measurement makes it more effective.

Knowing the chemistry, biological pathways, nature of all the lesions, one drug cannot be used to cure all the lesions, so now the combination of therapies are used that concurrently attack various targets. Combination of therapies abate the toxicity and limiting effects caused by combining different drugs.

The Nano particles actually go inside the specific tumors and remove the payloads. Nano therapeutics produces much less side effects than any other drugs.

Cancer which needs very accurate characterization and specific targeting agents, with the help of PET molecular imaging probes and Nano particles, lives are now saved beautifully.

Nano biotechnology saving the lives we worth.


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