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Manipulative Hypnosis: A new frontier

Written by new sensation

Written by: Mehwish Ahsan and Kaynat

Controlling of your mind by someone else? Does it scares you? Does it make you not to believe this type of theory? Well guess what we all are living in 21st century where things that somehow pop up in imagination can be turned to reality. Where the mere thought of the mind is given enough importance that people don’t believe in fiction anymore. Because fiction turned to reality is anything but a reality. We will be discussing the phenomena of telepathy which once was only a thought waiting to be put in the constellation of reality.

What is telepathy?  They word basically came from Greek dictionary meaning distant thinking. It is but a concept that people are able to communicate with each other without using the machines or any networking connections or a physical interaction.

This whole idea might be just a speculation for you but it is no sooner that you will be witnessing it sooner in real life. It is occurred through simple insertion of Nano robots in the skin. Yes you can see what other is thinking and you can control it too, simple by small Nano robots insertions. It not just a theory what I’m feeding you but number of little steps have been taken in this perspective. A system which detects temperature, light, vibration, chemicals, and magnetism is made of tiny micro electromechanical systems like robots, or other devices. They are operated on a computer network wirelessly and are dispersed over area to accomplish errands, usually detecting through radio-frequency. DARPA’s program will utilize a chip to connect brains. They aren’t working on human brain project or neuroscience project but they are investing trillions on working about mind control.  DARPA program goals to develop an implantable neural interface able to deliver unprecedented signal resolution and data-transfer bandwidth between the human brain and the digital world. This would act as a translator, between brain and the language of information technology. The purpose is to triumph these communications in a biological compatible device no larger than one cubic centimeter in size, roughly the volume of two nickels.

Present  brain-computer interface systems are  just like two supercomputers trying to communicate to each other by an old 300-baud modem, picture what will become achievable when we step-up our gears to unleash the channel between the human brain and modern electronics.” said Phillip Aveda, the NESD program manager.

In medication, brain simulation could make it simpler to converse with people who are not able speak (e.g. people with grave disabilities, with syndrome) or to enhance cognitive function in people with disabilities (e.g. dementia, trauma and stroke victims, etc.). Manipulative hypnosis is system based on perception, not language used for medicine and mind elucidation using a communication with Nano electronics between computer and brain. It can be used to check for example Parkinson’s disease but can also decode the patterns used to search cognitive performance as memory, learning and sentiments. With Nano technology, the digital information can be confirmed by the new quantum-inspired computers. Incentive of behavior can be recognized and give analytical data for  finding the fore runners to diseases such as dementia, stroke and myocardial infarction.

Ulf Gorman writes in the book that with Nano technology, we open the entrances to a mysterious area where we do not know how to relate morals. What should be and what should not be acceptable when you insert a chip that can both read and impact the brain?  Micro Implants can provide unprecedented prospects to comprehend how we learn and recall things, and why we forget and find it problematic.

The researchers’ try with the forced communication and unhurried putrefaction subjugate people with incitements to try to see the results of the brain control. There is an unsaid number of people who have gone to madness and death with it.

Production of complex fibers that could be less than the breadth of a hair, they have fashioned a scheme that could deliver ocular signals and medications straight into the brain, along with concurrent electrical readout to continuously monitor the upshots of the inputs. The new fibers are of polymers that be like to neural tissues, Anikeeva says, allowing them to lodge in the body much longer without damaging the tissues.

The Monarch Program is a type of mind control slave by exploiting the brain’s trauma retort of disassociation to craft a form of Multiple Personality Disorder whereas other elicits can activate the personality to surface and resort to directions given by the master. There are various “stages” of programming:

ALPHA: regular programming within the base control disposition; considered by memory retention, with increased bodily strength and visual strength.

BETA: This cancels learned moral assurances and  arouses the primal sexual instinct, devoid of reticence.

DELTA: This “killer” programming, developed for training agents or elite soldiers in operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled violence is obvious. Subjects are barren of dread systematic in functioning their assignment. Suicide instructions at this level.

THETA: “psychic” programming. Bloodlines (generational relations) were substantiated to depict a vast tendency for having telepathic aptitudes than did non-bloodlines. It is used in combination with highly-innovative computers and satellite tracing systems.

OMEGA: A “self-destruct” programming, called “Code Green.” .Behaviors incorporate suicidal affinities or self-disfigurement. This is activated when the victim starts treatment or cross-examination and too much memory is restored.

GAMMA: “Deception” programming, which elicits misinformation and misdirection. This is tangled with demonology and tends to revive itself at a later time if incorrectly deactivated.”

Some organizations are developing implantable brain chips. The agency is to develop a transportable, wireless device that integrate implantable probes to note and incite brain bustle– a memory triggering ‘black box’. The electrical impulses fired up through a transmitter placed under the skin of the chest area necessitates wires in brain and under scalp.It would enable the power to recuperate“task-based motor skills” like controlling machinery, tying shoe laces or flying planes, or even driving cars rather than aid memory loss.. It would also recover memory loss with traumatic occurrences. It ensures to read notions from a brain – and even inculcate thoughts as well. It does not take much to see in this, the creations of a matrix-like cyberpunk dystopia: chips that entail fictitious memories, machines that examine for strong-willed thoughts.

But the question remains there, Is this beneficial for human race or it is just another downfall of human misleading thoughts? And answer is still vague and disoriented. But let’s all stick to the quote that it’s not the weapon but the man behind the weapon. Let’s all hope that the use of telepathy remains on positive sideline and doesn’t  fall in negativity. Let’s hope that it is used for the benefit and not the sick need of humans for any harmful act.



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