Summer Internship 2016 will start from July 1, 2016. Internship applications have closed and we are now viewing them. Due to large number of applications we closed 9 days early. Selected participants will be mailed. Looking forward to see you!

Interested in doing an internship this summer? You are at the right place!

We understand it is too hot for you to go out so we have prepared an exclusive internship package just for you! This internship is virtual. This means we will assign you some work and you can do it while sitting at home.

Science journalism conveys reporting about science to the public. The field typically involves interactions between scientists, journalists, and the public. This field has a lot of scope as science progresses. We will be training you to be a scientific journalist, assigning you recent biology related topics and helping you to write articles.

What will this Internship Offer?

  1. A guide to better science writing
  2. A guide to improve how we interpret a research paper
  3. Widen your scientific horizon
  4. A chance for you to get published in our online magazine
  5. Survey based researches that will go towards publication in international journals

Best articles will be printed in our printable version of the magazine!

You can join us for this internship for a month, 2 or even 3 as you like! We will be awarding you with a certificate at the end. Top 3 interns will get ‘Best Intern’ certificates.

Best part? You will get everything right at your home!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Undergrad students especially of 1-6 semesters
  •  Masters students
  • Anyone who loves Biology and can interpret research articles

What are we looking for?

  1. Capable students willing to learn
  2. 10 enthusiastic biology writers
  3. 2-3 desk researchers (Environment or Nanotechnology required)
  4. 1 Graphic Designer

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Terms and Conditions

Copied/plagiarised material won’t be accepted. All accepted articles will be published on our site along with your personal portfolio.

The duration of the internship is of 2 months only. The interns are allowed to exit the program during this period, but they have to inform at least 15 days in advance. However, these interns will not receive the internship completion certificate if they leave before completing a month in Biology Decoded.

Biology’s assignments are mostly internet based research and writing. The internship will be from 1 July to 31 August 2016. There is a flexible criterion of selection, you should be committed to work and in turn we will be providing you with a friendly work environment.

This internship is UNPAID position. We will provide a list of topics according to your field of interest.

Just fill out the form below (do it properly, we will be judging you on it) and we will contact you! (All your data will remain strictly confidential with us).