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How Batman Got His Powers

Written by Mahad Qureshi

We think that superpowers are only myths that have nothing to do with reality, they are some supernatural powers that can’t be explained by science. Well think no more! Because there is nothing in this universe that science can’t explain. This article will explain batman’s superpowers in scientific context, how they can be real and what can be the possible biological explanation. This article is work of fiction and there can be many possible explanations, one of them is explained below.

Just a little bit of flashback of batman’s life, we all know when he was a kid his parents were murdered by some thugs, in front of him, while they were heading back to their home after watching a movie. He trained hard for years and made himself some gadgets to fight crime but his level of intellect, stamina and strength is not something ordinary that can be attained by just training else everyone would be batman There is some reason that is hidden inside his body. We all have a nervous response system called flight or fight mechanism that requires a stimulus to be activated under stress conditions. This system increases our heart rate, dilates pupil to increase sight and perform biochemical processes to enhance body’s ability to survive under fight or flight conditions. Since batman was a normal human being so he also had a flight or fight response like many of us, His parents were murdered in front of him and his life was also in danger that was one hell of a stimulus to activate the response. Under stress conditions our body release hormones to cope up with the stress, enhances blood flow to muscles and perform many other functions. In other words our body give us super powers for a very brief period of time. More like, as long as the stress remains after that response ends, our body is restored to normal. In his case, he had to endure huge stress both physical and mental, his body needed to prepare him for the mental stress (death of parents) and physical stress (to escape or fight back).

Due to trauma with vivid painful memory and strong will to fight back the injustice, his flight and fight mode became permanent, in other words his body couldn’t shutdown his flight or fight mode, causing its nervous system to stay alert and high all the time, his muscles always got extra blood flow which gave him the strength and with all the strenuous training, made him to learn how to control and focus his intellect and physical strength.

He might not have super powers but actually just a hyper activated flight or fight mode.



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