Genetically Modified Cigarettes: A Classy Way To Commit Suicide!

Tobacco has been smoked practically forever, but cigarette as a commercial product came into market lately. Despite of this known fact that it leads towards cancer and slow but sure death, the habit seems to rise among kids and young adults (Radoi 2015).  A study reveals that smokers are seven times more likely to commit suicide than a non smoker. Cigarettes give you nothing but a long lasting smoky odor that refrain others to sit by your side.

Since this discussion is purely regarding GMO. Let’s stick to it.

GMO’s have been a hot topic of discussion over the past decade. Not surprisingly, tobacco industry has also gone under transformations (Kramkowska, Grzelak et al. 2013). A GMO tobacco is prepared by infusing genes of some other living organism into tobacco seeds to make them more resistant against insects, worms and harsh weather conditions. Additionally farmers spray GM pesticides over the crops adding more toxicity and poison in the long run.  In this modern era, everything we eat is genetically modified. It is certainly impossible to find a diet which is non- GMO version (Kramkowska, Grzelak et al. 2013).

Reality Of GM Cigarettes

Let’s check out what actually happens every time a smoker takes a genetically modified cigarette. When a GM cigarette burns, during the inhale the strong GM pesticides gets mixed with nicotine-ammonia producing a chemical cocktail for nervous system to engage. Now point to ponder! Have you ever thought pesticides that destroy digestive tracks and reproductive abilities of insects can damage same organs and genes of humans?

Nicotine vapors pollute smoker’s body with 4000 chemicals making them more like a chemical factory rather than a living human body (Caruso, O’Connor et al. 2013)

Did you ever realize you inhale toxins like bleach and carpet glue while smoking? If you are a smoker, make sure the cigarette you smoke has a white paper which is actually bleached to be white. Moreover, ammonia (a fertilizer which is primarily used for cleaning of the products) is added excessively for enhancing the effectiveness of nicotine

Bleach-ammonia mixture releases highly toxic fumes that hit heart and brain in less than 3 seconds making dopamine level go up that resultantly provides feeling of relaxation depending upon the length of inhale (Aboyans, Thomas et al. 2010)

And an unending cycle continues…… and this craving never dies.

How about smoking carpet glue (Fire Safe Cigarettes)?  Sounds cheesy!

As cigarettes were believed to be a source of fire leading to loss of human lives and homes, it gave rise to fire safe cigarettes (FSC). FSC have lower ignition power because of the addition of carpet glue. They extinguish more rapidly if left or thrown on ground. But cigarette brands would never let you know this. You would never see any cigarette pack labeled with these disgusting ingredients (Bates, McNeill et al. 1999)

Sadly, Smoking has become a status symbol for young generation to meet people in parties on a more intimate level. The common atmosphere of a teen’s party involves rocking music, beers and smoking.

Although GM crops have served mankind in numerous ways but it has contaminated some eatables as well making us more vulnerable to chronic disorders.

This time say goodbye to GM tobacco! Remember you are not a worm. At the end of the day ask yourself do you want to be an insect being killed or a “human” being alive?


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