Draw for Science

Come up with your own science comics, scientific super heroes and sci-fi writing!! Send us your submissions at submissions@biologydecoded.com by 1 January 2017. Don’t forget to register for the competition by filling the form below.

Writing and drawing guidelines:
1. Please include references in APA style (for writers only).

2. Plagiarized/ copy pasted material will not be accepted and articles/art will be tested for plagiarism

3. Include your name in your file name, e.g Umair_art.jpeg.

4. You can sketch your comics and send us the scans. The scan should be clearly visible otherwise they will not be accepted. You can also graphically design your comic on computer and send us png, jpeg, file formats. Ai, PSD, Coral Draw files will not be accepted.

5. You can either write “haiku” or a 4-8 lines poem.

6. All content should be science related.

That’s all. Happy drawing!!