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A Guide to Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST) and why you should join it

Written by M Abbas

After college the first and most crucial topic of discussion is, ‘Where to graduate from?’.  An institute with a dynamic environment coping with all the modern challenges is the utmost need for students of today.

Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST) is the best choice for the students seeking quality education. Under the motto, ‘Top class education in a vibrant environment driven by research and innovation’, KUST promises to produce qualified graduates better equipped with updated knowledge and enhancing their capacity to excel well in education, and research. It currently offers more than 24 departments some of which are Physical and Numerical Sciences, Social Sciences and Biological Sciences. Various programs including BS, MS/M.Phil and PhD programs are being offered in all the departments.

The Biological Sciences department includes programs like Microbiology, Zoology, Botany and ‘Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering.’ The latter most being the best department.

The ‘Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering’ department comprises of most qualified faculty all over the University including 5 post – doctorate teachers and 6 PhD teachers. Department offers top class research facilities for not only the research students pursuing their MS/M.Phil and PhD degrees but also for the undergraduate students which in fact are the future researchers.

The faculty with years of experience is the of most desirable thing a student wants. Practical experience of teachers becomes very handy during the lab sessions and students feel very comfortable while performing experiments.

The outstanding performance of the Biotechnology department can be judged by its excellent performance in accomplishing many projects belonging to different fields of Biotechnology. Till now the department has successfully completed 11 projects in total of funding worth 23 million. And 3 projects are in progress of funding worth 15 million. Separate labs have been allotted to each project, where teachers and students work in a very friendly and constructive environment.

The Health and Medical Biotechnology lab being at the top for receiving most number of projects, i.e., 4, with funding of 13.4 million and the funding agency being HEC and US grants. Industrial Biotechnology is second on the list with 3 projects, with funding of 1.5 million and funding agency being HEC. And there is a tie between Plant Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology with both receiving 2 projects each and the funding was 6.2 million and 2.5 million respectively.

The 3 projects in progress include; 1 project of Environmental Biotechnology with funding of 6 million from HEC and US grant, 1 project of genetics with funding of 7 million funded by HEC and 1 of Nanobiotechnolgy  with funding of 8 million and is also funded by HEC.

Rather than a focusing a specific field the department has a deep interest in all fields of Biotechnology and Genetic engineering, including Health Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture Biotechnology, Genetics and Nano-Biotechnology.

I witnessed the excellency of education and the outstanding faculty and quality research work at KUST while completing my graduation in this department. This encouraged me to also pursue my post-graduation studies here. Fascinated by the top class facilities, its friendly environment and the state of the art research lab facilities I would recommend all the students to get admissions in KUST for a brighter future.



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