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A Journey into a Picturesque Biological World

Written by Rutaba Rizwan

It is fascinating to circumscribe ourselves in such a place where the life is controlled by biological technologies. A place where there are no any kind of worries and happiness swings at every corner in this world. I was thinking about this all after restless work in my research lab. I am a Geneticist and very passionate to know about the life at molecular level. To find out the existence of this biological world I worked dawn to dusk to gather any piece of information or any kind of article relating it.

As a result of immense struggle one day when I was studying my research, there was an article which I found on internet that said some creatures like human have been found near “AZARA ISLAND”. They are biology programmed creatures, they have same emotions and identical way of living like humans but the difference is that, they are much ahead in biological innovations and technologies that they created their own world.

After reviewing all the details of Azara Island I set my mind to explore this new world. I packed my rucksack with all my belongings including a map. Although this Island is unknown for most of the world, it exists in the map and it will take time to become viral. I went through the directions as the map guided me. It was a rough journey. I went through buses, trains and lastly I preferred to go through the boat to reach the Island. After last-ditch effort I reached my destination but unfortunately I did not see it as it was covered in trees. One special characteristic of this Island that I learnt from the internet was that it had a transparent wall which separated the biological world with the human environment.

Luckily I found the squad of people going through the same directions as map directed me. I was really astonished to see that these people were really exactly the same as we are so it was easy for me to mingle with them. At last I crossed the transparent wall and eventually entered into the biological world. My eyes became stagnant after seeing the stunning scenario of this beautiful biological world where there was dominancy of biological techniques spread everywhere.

As I walked through the streets of this magnificent biological world, I found lifesaving volcanoes which were emitting out oxygen into the atmosphere instead of lava so that it can be inhaled by every single person in this world. Beside these volcanoes there was a valley known as “Bloody Valley” in which Heme and Globular proteins were dancing with the flow of continuous blood. One thing most interesting about this valley is that, it has all types of blood group in it. Whenever people are in need or in an emergency and need blood they can avail this blessing.

As I was on the mission to explore more about this world, I turned to another way that lead me towards the most spectacular well renowned park known as “The Park of Happiness”. This was such a unique park that possessed genetically tailored trees. These trees were designed in such a way that instead of each leaf there were a cluster of nitrogenous bases and each base was painted with sharp colors to attract the people. One most surprising thing of this park was that the neurochemicals of happiness like epinephrine, oxytoxin and dopamine were spread in that atmosphere. Whenever people are in stress or in nervousness state, they preferred to go that park for relaxing.

Last but not the least I moved towards my way where I had started. I ended up this journey with a lot of blissful memories where I experienced more about science and techniques. I literally never ever thought to be the part of this beautiful world. The efforts of the people for making this world full of innovations were priceless. After returning home I intent to write a book on this alluring voyage to familiarize the people with the worth of biology.



About the author

Rutaba Rizwan

I have done my graduation in Genetics. As far as my field is concerned I am interested in reviewing new research and techniques. Moreover I have done an internship in research center on Gene Cloning. My vision is to implement my knowledge in such away that is rewarding for others.